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It is reported that Nike title Super has been substantial breakthroughs in the Super 09 season in addition to the Beijing team and the Dalian team to maintain the original jersey, the rest of the team will all wear Nike brand shirt campaign Super. This also means that the Football Association to get that attractive Nike $ 15 million huge sponsorship only a matter of time.

Nike will sponsor the Super League has already provoked much discussion in the recent Super Summit, super company to the club informed huge sponsor of the first of the 2009 season, saying that Nike will spend $ 15 million in equipment and cash in the form of sponsorship Super. China Team with the annual Super League sponsorship revenue is only 40 million yuan, the only click on the equipment fetched $ 15 million over the past three years, really into underestimate the Super League to see the hope of revival.

However, Super specialized Nike sponsored ball clothing out to the various clubs to discuss, because the club has agreed to accept a unified wearing a Nike shirt to participate in the League, the Super company to receive this $ 15 million huge sponsorship. Each team was general agreement, that is, each try to replace their shirt sponsor, and strive to concerted efforts to get the huge Nike sponsored.

It is precisely because of the Super League team equipment sponsor is not uniform, so that the plan has yet to finalize the Nike-sponsored Super. Recently, the efforts of the Football Association, Zhejiang Greentown, Changsha Ginde, Qingdao and just up the super Jiangsu Sainty four teams with the original shirt sponsor Kappa company to reach an agreement, this club will be card Pa to buy back the original team customized the new season uniforms, unified to put on clothing sponsored by Nike campaign 09 Super. Capa's exit declaration of the formal hand of the Football Association and Nike just a matter of time.

According to information currently available, the association with Nike, after consultations, to temporarily allow the two clubs in Beijing and Dalian team to retain the Adidas sponsored uniforms in the 09 season, the remaining 14 teams put on Nike to provide and equipment. At this point, the process of the Nike-sponsored Super League has cleared a key obstacle, super garment enter the era of Nike sponsored basic settled.

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